About Us

Our Story

Landscape professional Patrick Pozzuto envisioned iScape while on a customer job site. He wanted a better way to let customers visualize a project before it began. Patrick was determined to make the process smoother and enable his clients to complete a project more efficiently. Technology was the answer.

Through the years, iScape gained traction and popularity, growing to nearly 1 million users.

In late 2017, marketing and tech entrepreneurs Jon Dean and Drew Izzo joined forces with Patrick, making a significant investment in iScape. Together they retooled the brand, the platform, the business model and the vision of the company. iScape was now positioned to expand even beyond its core landscape and gardening design roots. Consumers, industry pros and product retailers alike now have access to the world’s largest outdoor living platform.

Nearly five million outdoor living designs have already been created using iScape…and we’re just getting started!

Meet the Founders

We’re a diversified team of thinkers, tinkerers, entrepreneurs and do-ers powered by a shared passion to create technology in a way that actually adds value to your life. We’re determined to make your next Outdoor Living project an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor. Together, let's bring your vision to life.


20 yrs president/entrepreneur


18 yrs CEO/entrepreneur


20 yrs CMO/CEO