Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add my own images to the database?

Yes, iScape pro subscribers can add images to the database via the top left ‘hamburger’ menu.  Just click add image and follow the steps.

What is the cutout tool and how do I use it?

The cutout tool allows you to cutout a portion of an image or your background image to be used in the design.  You can cutout and clone a part of your homes siding, for example, to hide existing landscaping if needed.

How do I add grass, mulch, pavers or other covers to my design?

Once you’ve added a background picture simply click ‘add cover’ in the bottom right and then you have two choices:

  1. Click the ‘draw area’ icon in the bottom middle navigation and draw out the area you want to add a cover to.  Once you’re done tracing the area just select the cover to add to it and click ‘done.’
  2. Click the cover you want to add to your design and then click ‘draw area’ to trace out the area you want to add the cover to.  Then click ‘done.’

Hint: When using the pen tool to trace out an area on your drawing you can touch one area of the design, lift your finger and touch another area and iScape will create a straight line between the two points.  The undo/redo tool on the top navigation might be helpful to adjust your work.

Hint: You can change the type of cover inside a traced out area at any time by selecting it and choosing a new cover.

How do I adjust layers?

  1. Sometimes you add a plant or cover and it’s covering up something you don’t want it to.  You can adjust this by clicking on the item and the blue toolbar will appear on the left side of the screen.  The bottom item called ‘sort layer’ can send the item back or forward in the layers.
  2. You can also click the layer list icon on the top menu and ‘edit’ to move layers forward or back on the design canvas.

How do I save my design?

At any point during your designing process just click the save/share arrow in the top right, name your design and save it to the cloud.  You can login to your iScape account from any IOS device to access your design.

Note: you’ll need to create a free account to save your design the first time.

How do I find a plant in the database?

The database is intuitively organized to help you find the plants you’re interested in.  In addition, you can search using the search bar at the top of the database.  Just click ‘add item’ to access the image database.

Hint: Pro subscribers can add their own images to the database on the top left menu.

Is there a computer version available?

Currently no, iScape is available on IOS devices only.  We do plan to create a PC version in the future.  Be sure to enable push notifications so we can alert you when we’ve made new updates to iScape.

If you have questions or comments don’t hesitate to contact us via email at