10 Plants to Match the Autumn Color Scheme

It’s time for the bright, tropical vibes of summer to merge with the muted, autumnal colors of fall. Here are 10 plants you can add to your home landscaping to add to that comfy, cozy feeling:

  1. Ruby Mound Mums are low growing and full of long-lasting flowers. The hardy mums can be planted in the spring and will last until a hard frost.

  1. Icicle Pansies will bloom even after a frost. In fact, they may carry through to spring in some situations. Their cheery orange faces have a perfect seasonally appropriate black blotch on the lower petals.

  1. Blue Heaven Little Bluestem is a hardy ornamental grass with burgundy-red fall foliage. In summer, the blue-gray blades are just as charming.

  1. Raspberry Shortcake is a thornless raspberry plant that not only provides you with berries all summer but has terrific red foliage in fall. Truly, a multipurpose plant!

  1. Oakleaf Hydrangea is covered with showy panicles of creamy white flowers in summer that fades to mauve before drying in place. The dark green foliage of summer becomes red, burgundy or coppery bronze.

  1. Coral Bark Japanese Maples features bright pink bark and lime green leaves in summer. These leaves go fully neon yellow or orange in autumn, which looks especially stunning paired with its coral bark.

  1. Hardy Plumbago is an often overlooked groundcover with dark green leaves and bright blue flowers in late summer. In autumn, the leaves turn bright bronze-red in a traffic-stopping way.

  1. Lady in Black Aster features tiny white flowers, with purple centers, in clusters on attractive, dark purple foliage, giving it a slightly mysterious appearance. Perfect for those that think autumn is the time to turn up the spooky quotient in their yard!

  1. Beautyberry is an easy, low-growing shrub that shows dense clusters of dark purple berries in autumn. These vibrant, violet berries really stand out against its yellow leaves.

  1. Leatherleaf sedge is an evergreen perennial that never quite looks alive, with its narrow leaves a cinnamon-suede color all year round. To best show off this plant, surround it with other fall favorites like mums, or even pumpkins!