5 Easy Steps to Design a Landscape

Getting started is often the most difficult aspect of landscape design. If you have an area to be landscaped, go through the below checklist to help kick-off the planning.

How to Get Started Designing a Landscape

  1. Measure - Start by measuring the area you are interested in landscaping so that you have an idea of how many plants and what types of plants you can fit in the landscape.
  2. Vision Board Planning List - Create a Vision Board or list of ideas you would like to incorporate into the garden; from hardscaping to perennial plantings to container gardens. You can get ideas from garden magazines, botanical gardens, arboretums, Pinterest, and of course, iScape.
  3. Garden Goals and Solutions - Write down a list of specific goals you want to accomplish. For example, do you want an entertaining garden, an ornamental edible garden, or to solve problems such as drainage issues? Your goal list will help you determine priorities.
  4. Plants that Work - Research plants that will work in your specific regional growing conditions. The iScape app can assist you with this process.
  5. Design - Design your landscape utilizing your preferred plants. Using the iScape app means you can position and reposition your plants digitally in order to determine the best placement for the landscape.

Keep in mind that you do not have to do the entire landscape all at once. Perhaps you just want to plan out the entryway or a small portion of the garden to give you inspiration for the rest of the property.

In this before and after photo series, you can see that “before” the site is still under construction. When the homeowner requested a preview of what a low-maintenance garden might look like, an evergreen garden fit the bill.

In the “after” photo you can see the finished iScape plan in a small garden area. It provides just enough of an overview for the homeowners to really picture how a low maintenance evergreen garden might fit in the space.

Download iScape now and build smart landscape designs that are easy to put together. So simple, so easy. iScape it!