5 Quick Tips for June Garden Landscaping

June is a month that is just past that initial planting frenzy in April and May, but still early in the summer. Many gardeners feel their gardens are at the height of beauty. Now is the time to stay on top of those early summer chores in order to keep the landscape looking clean and refined.

tips for June garden landscaping

  1. Maintain the Lawn – To kick off the season and build strong roots for the upcoming hot season, be sure to water the lawn regularly. Keep the lawn mower height at close to 3-inches in order to keep the grass healthy so you can avoid using too much fertilizer and water throughout the season.

  1. Plant Late Summer Annuals – Now is the time to pull out the last of the spring flowers that are drying up and refresh the plants such as annual flowers and ornamental edible vegetables. Now is also the time to consider planting early-fall vegetables.

  1. Pruning – Late spring flowers and bulbs will be browning out. Now is the time to trim the dead leaves and spent flowers to the ground. Be cautious and only remove leaves from bulbs after they have started to dry and turn yellow. Prune any dead branches on perennials and shrubs.

  1. Remove Pests Organically – Aphids and other little critters come out this time of year to attack our favorite plants. Get a hose ready and give a sharp spray to aphids or hand pick larger bugs. Both are organic ways to remove pests so that it is safer for the landscape and homeowner.

  1. Fertilize Flowering Plants – Kicking off the summer season by fertilizing bulbs, perennial beds, shrubs, and annual plants can help the landscape remain strong through upcoming heat. Be sure to follow package directions for organic fertilizers; do not over-fertilize.

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