A Backyard Transformation: Before and After

One of the most difficult parts of landscape design is showing an effective before and after transformation when a homeowner already has a large existing hardscape area within their garden. Past techniques included complex formal drawings, sometimes in pencil or painting form, sometimes with a complicated computer program, and of course a whole lot of imagination needed to interpret the basic drawings. With the modern and easy-to-use iScape app, it is much quicker to build a smart design layout, which is instantaneously visual to the homeowner, making it simple to interpret and understand. In the three photos shown, you can see the magnificent transformation the designer used to quickly create a successful design utilizing the iScape app.

BEFORE IMAGE 1 – Here you see a large green lush lawn, but with a tight, closed-in deck, which boxed in the homeowners when they were trying to entertain. Their goal: expand the entertaining area out into the lawn in order to take advantage of all that marvelous space. The problem? How to show the back of the house to the homeowner without all the decking attached.

BEFORE IMAGE 2 – This image shows how the designer creatively REMOVED the back deck from the home in order to create a pre-construction view of what a house without the deck might look like. This is not meant to be a “perfect” image, but an image which credibly enables the homeowner to have a clear view of their home. It functions as a foundational image to build a layered landscape upon.

AFTER IMAGE – In this image you see both hardscaping and landscaping combined together to create a final design that is laid out for the homeowner to easily understand where entertaining areas and stimulating visual focal points are. Each side of the home features flagstone walkways so that the rear entertainment area is accessible from several directions. The patio connects directly with granite steps leading to the sliding door. There are flowering shrubs including hydrangea and peonies framing the exterior of the extensive patio. The pergola topped with wisteria and maple tree adds height, while the fire pit adds interest and further seating.

In this example of before and after photos, it is clear to see the beautiful solution with the after image clearly defining for a homeowner and a landscaper where all the plants and hardscaping will be placed.

Download iScape now and create landscape designs that transform simple lawns into beautiful landscapes. iScape it!