A Fireplace in the Landscape

A big lawn sounds so good to a homeowner, until the weekly maintenance mowing hits. Pulling lawn furniture out to the lawn to enjoy the space makes sense until midges attack the ankles and you have to move the lawn furniture in order to mow and maintain the grass.

One fantastic solution is to extend the patio to add much-needed seating without having to worry about as much of the lawn mowing maintenance. More and more people want outdoor entertaining space due to the pandemic and also due to the need for a fun entertaining area for the family.

In this attractive before and after photo series, you can see how beautiful - and easy - it is to update your patio design. Want to see your ideas before the landscaping team does the installation? Using the iScape tool, you can build a fireplace patio in less than a few minutes to see what it will look like. Next step is to buy the materials and do the installation. A favorite hardscaping team can install it, or perhaps the homeowners directly.  

Placing a Fireplace on a Patio

Fire, whether in a traditional fireplace form or perhaps a fire pit or fire bowl, can magically make the yard and patio space a warm and comfortable focal point. Fire draws in family and neighbors closer to its glow in order to spend time together.

  • Value – Why get a fireplace in the first place? Fireplaces often represent more privacy in your backyard area, boosting resale value. While outdoor fire features can cost more, they get used more over a longer season and can represent a positive entertaining solution. One reason to add this type of fire feature to your garden is that an outdoor fireplace can earn back nearly 80 percent of the costs associated with building it. This makes a fireplace a smart home equity investment.
  • Safety - Patios are a flat and level area to place a fire receptacle. Poor placement can be dangerous and prevent a fire hazard. Safety is critical and placing your fire feature in an area that is level and safe makes a lot of sense to prevent an unsafe fire.
  • Design – Fire pits often offer a more casual design aesthetic. Fire bowls are often seen as modern and interesting. Fireplaces can be either modern or traditional. When creating your patio fireplace build, be sure to pick your style. Using the iScape app, you can choose several varying looks to test what design style you prefer.

Whether you choose a small fire feature or a large fireplace build, there is a fireplace for every budget and design aesthetic. Use iScape to help you decide what works best in a patio area to test your ideas out before the build.

Download iScape now and find designs that can impact your outdoor living space with beauty and presence. iScape it! https://apps.apple.com/us/app/iscape-outdoor-home-designer/id439688430