A New Year’s Resolution for Your Garden

Without a doubt, 2020 was a dramatic year for everyone and we are all happy to move into 2021. In order to find a little more calm and beauty in the New Year, consider building a New Year’s Resolution for your garden. Resolve that you will make a calming and restful landscape in 2021 that will bring your heart and soul a small corner of mindful rest and perhaps represent a more welcoming experience.

After the stress of 2020 and with further self-isolation and social distancing planned through the beginning of 2021, it makes sense to take a closer look at your garden. If home is where you spend the most time, then make your home garden feel like a place of respite. Restful surroundings encourage health and wellness and, frankly, you deserve that in the upcoming year.

In these three images you can see where the iScape Designers have put together several totally different designs for the front garden of the very same home. All the designs are beautiful and restful, while each design is also offering a component of curb appeal. However, the designs are all completely different from one another in order to show versatility. One of the advantages of utilizing the iScape app to design a landscape is that the homeowner has the advantage of viewing many different designs and choosing the garden that fits their personal needs.

Whether you prefer a formal garden, a casual garden, or a quirky garden, you can digitally design it with ease. Once you design the garden, you can share it with a landscape pro or your family member so that you can collaborate on the design and architecture of your landscape. Wonderfully, iScape makes it simple for you to redesign your garden and winter is the perfect time to get the app and decide on your special landscape.

Download iScape now and get started on that garden resolution for more beauty today. iScape it!