A Patio Furniture Makeover

Utilizing the iScape App tool to help homeowners entertain outside is not just about placing shrubs and trees in the landscape. Sometimes, homeowners move into homes with large patio and deck spaces. Frozen in indecision, it is easy to not put anything in the space rather than make the wrong decision.

The good news? iScape can help homeowners and designers put together a patio area design in a snap. No plants are needed to layout a thoughtful patio area on the app and decide what furniture would look best.

4 Tips for a Patio Furniture Makeover

  1. Make a List of the Specific Patio Area Needs

What is the specific area going to be used for? Games? Crafting? Wine parties? Children’s play area? Specifically write out a list that fulfills the activities you want to do in the outdoor area you have. If, for example, the area is to be used for family game night, then a comfortable table and seating area is absolutely necessary to play games. If it is going to be used as a movie night area, then it might be set up with comfortable seating and no dining table.

  1. Storage is Important for Patio Living

Depending on the part of the country you have a patio, furniture cushions can get damaged with weather exposure. Having a storage area nearby where you might tuck cushions or accessories during stormy weather makes sense. Seating can sometimes be transformed into hidden storage containers so you can sit and store as needed.

  1. Color is Key for Patio Design

Planning a color theme can unify the patio area. Modern furniture, cushions, and accessories are often painted or designed with bold colors. Whether you prefer a neutral design or a bold color design, bringing the colors together in a unified fashion can transform your patio into a magazine-quality living space. Using colors you find in your landscape, decide if you want a contrasting color theme or a more calming color theme.

  1. Easy-Care Outdoor Furniture is Best

No one wants to constantly clean fabric or worry about accessories breaking on the patio. The smart way to go when setting up your outdoor furniture and accessories is to be sure that everything is very easy to care for and maintain. Finding furniture that can easily be wiped down and doesn’t have to be restained or painted year after year will create much less maintenance. Outdoor rugs can be very useful; quick-drying, easy-to-clean, and colorful. Make sure that outdoor pillows, cushions, and fabric are all washable.

Download iScape now and discover the best way to layout your patio or deck with furniture and accessories. iScape it!