A Pool Entertaining Area: Landscape Makeover Edition

Designing the landscape for a modern home pool area can be overwhelming; you want it to look beautiful as well as be safe and useful. Utilizing the iScape app can make designing your pool, garden, and entertaining area a whole lot easier. All you have to do is take a photo of the area you want to renovate, then magically start placing plants where you might like them.
Visualizing a final image before you ever have to start construction can calm a homeowner’s soul and create an opportunity for better understanding. Once the homeowner sees the design, it makes it easy to see the best plant placements, or a mistaken plant placement in advance.
Pool areas are all about entertaining. Many landscapers create and install the hardscaping areas as well as installing and upgrading planting beds. Simple, classic design combined with safe construction and plant placement all come together to create the perfect entertaining area.

5 Smart Pool Landscaping Tips for Best Entertaining

  1. Avoid Shedding Trees and Plants Around a Pool – Messy and shedding trees or plants can cause immense problems near a pool. Clean-up can be extensive and the material can clog your pool’s machinery. Lawn mowers sometimes shoot grass clippings into the pool if the lawn is placed too close to the water of the pool. Overall, planting evergreens and low maintenance, non-shedding, perennials near your pool is a smart choice.
  2. Use Caution When Using Mulch – Mulching flower beds can save water and bring more success to your plants. However, having heavily mulched beds very near to your pool can sometimes mean that mulch is transferred into the water. The same goes for pea gravel and other small pebble mulch. Plan well and keep these materials far from the water’s edge.
  3. Remove Thorny Plants Near a Pool – A pool area needs to be safe for adults and children playing nearby. Thorny plants, cactus plants, or toxic plants all need to be placed in another location. Safety is the number one concern in a pool area. A small child can easily fall into a prickly shrub and be injured.
  4. Simplify the Landscaping Plan Around a Pool – Keep landscaping around a pool simple. Having too much hardscaping with multiple levels, combined with too many plants, can be completely overwhelming. The goal is to keep hardscaping features and landscaping plants minimal, yet classy, for a beautiful poolside experience.
  5. Place Outdoor Kitchens in a Safe Space Away from a Pool – Outdoor kitchens are all the rage now, but having a hot surface near a child’s play area can be dangerous. Be sure to place outdoor kitchens well away from swimming areas, while still near enough to the seating area to be convenient.

In the before and after images in this post, you see how a pool area can be so much more than just a lawn. Evergreen shrubs and naturalized plantings are not overcrowded, and the walkway leading to the pool is modern and architectural. All designed easily with iScape.

Download iScape now and discover the best way to improve a modern pool landscape. Or, if you need some design help, Hire-a-Designer now and let the iScape Pro’s help guide you! iScape it!