An iScape Dream: How Kristy Designed Her Entire Outdoor Space

If you are a homeowner like Kristy, iScape can easily  help you create a basic landscape design. “I’ve been creating designs by uploading photos on my phone, and making different plans for around our foundation, mulch beds around boulders, and future patio and raised bed garden.”

Kristy’s family recently moved to a home in Maine where the landscaping was incomplete with flat dirt all around her new house. She discovered iScape from a friend on Instagram: “I noticed another homeowner on Instagram had posted a photo they designed with iScape and I couldn’t wait to try it out. It was exactly what I had been looking for online - a way to visualize what our yard would look like with certain plants, shrubs, etc. - without spending a ton of money to work with a landscape designer like I was considering.”

After a short time navigating the iScape app, Kristy was able to turn the ideas she had into a formal plan just by using her iPhone [see photos]. “In general, I’ve found the app surprisingly easy to navigate. It can be a little tricky on a small phone screen but I like the ability to zoom in for easier viewing.”

“I would definitely recommend this app to anyone and look forward to using it more for our own yard projects!”

If you are interested in trying out this easy-to-use landscape planning app, download iScape today. So simple. So powerful. iScape it!