App Benefits for Pros

Perfecting your skills as a pro of landscape design can be a tricky process. Every client has a different vision, which means adaptability and collaboration are key elements in meeting their wishes and needs. But what is the best way to prepare for that, especially if you don’t have much experience in designing with a particular feature or landscape plan?

Download iScape! With many features that allow for complete optimization of your specific skills and needs, you’ll be on your way to becoming the successful landscape pro you always wanted to be. Here are few benefits you can receive if you sign up for our Pro Subscription:

Create your own Company Profile

Add your company name, website, phone number, email, and description of what your business offers to get started. If you have specific project details or image captures of the work you’ve done, feel free to upload your images too.  

iScape app benefits

Upload Images to iScape

Our image database includes thousands of outdoor features that you can use in your next design project; from groundcover, firepits, and furniture to shrubs, perennials, and planters to walkways, fences, water features, and more! But if you have a specific outdoor feature that you can’t find within our database, feel free to upload the image yourself to get it added. After it’s approved, design away with the features you want.

iScape app benefits

Important: Make sure the image uploads are personally taken by you and/or are copyright free. You’ll have the option to edit the image before the final submission in case you want to crop anything out or alter it.

Augmented Reality

Are you ever on-site with your client when planning a landscape design project? You can show your client not only what you’re designing but how you’re designing it too. From a professional standpoint, it’s important to show your clients how reliable and skilled you are at your job. By using our AR feature, you can set up the perfect collaboration dynamic while proving your reliability and skillset on the spot.

iScape app benefits

With easy-to-follow directions that pop up as you go along, you can create a designing experience that combines both on-the-spot and save-for-later methods.

Design Without Interference

Worried about co-workers or clients getting in the way of your designing? Turn on the People Occlusion button at the bottom left corner of the screen to ensure a people-free landscape design.

Collaboration Station

Want to collaborate and share your design work with others? Tap the add button at the top right corner to host a live collaboration or to join one!

iScape app benefits

Need a Pause?

If you suddenly have to leave during your designing or have to take a pause in the middle of your work, you can save your work at the exact point you left off, so you don’t have to worry about continuity or consistency issues.

iScape app benefits

Not convinced yet? Watch this quick video here for an explanation on how iScape can be used as a competitive advantage to grow your business like never before: