Are You Selling or Are Your Customers Buying?

The ultimate goal of a business is to satisfy the customers with their product or service. But a lot of times, the focus ends up more on the selling of their product or service rather than getting the target customers to actually buy it. They fail to see the huge difference in selling something versus having it be bought, whether it’s online or not.

Here are five ways you can focus on getting your customers to actually buy instead of spending too much time on selling:


Is your product or service priced at a reasonable cost for your intended customer? It’s important to study your customer’s demographics as that may give some insight into their lifestyle and what they spend their money on. If your product or service can match their lifestyle at an affordable price, you’ve pretty much won.


Many businesses or companies may not think of this, but even if a potential customer fits the age group and demographics of your target market, they may not have the authority to buy your product or service. They may be representing someone or something else that your product or service may not benefit, or they may have to receive permission from someone else before they proceed to buy. Either way, it’s important to make sure you know this information so that you can adjust the selling of your product or service as needed.

Desire to buy

An important thing to think about is how in need your customer is of your product or service. Even if the customer doesn’t feel that they are in need, another strategy is to find a way to make it seem like they are in need. If you can convince them that your product or service is a necessity or something that can make their life easier, their desire to buy increases and soon, they’ll become a new customer.

Brand image

Maintaining a brand image is one of the most important things a business or company can do to appeal to a target audience. If you’re selling something that doesn’t match the brand’s identity or strays away from what you stand for, you’re most likely going to come off as sketchy and unreliable to potential customers and end up chasing them away.

Time frame

Figure out when your customer may need your product or service best. Does the time of year affect your offerings? Are there any specific events or instances that you can make your customer aware of that they would need your product or service? These are important questions to ask when trying to get them to buy.

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