Why You Can Attract More with Custom Designs

Across the nation there are regional favorite plants that are fail-proof, and so therefore become the most recommended or used plant in the region in common landscaping designs. A favorite example in the Midwest and Eastern United States is Daylily ‘Stella d’Oro’. Granted she is sparkly and beautiful with a tendency to produce non-stop yellow daylilies in zones 3 to 9, will tolerate shade, drought, and a nuclear bomb. However, if you are going to choose a daylily, there are 89,000+ registered cultivars and many with bold colors that really take the cake. Why is this daylily the one always selected? The answer, besides hardiness, is because it fits into a standardized design plan for contractors and is commonly found in big box garden centers.

iScape landscape custom designs
iScape landscape custom designs

Customized designs are worth the effort. Although it might not be resourced in every big box garden center, finding a plant to enhance color, a native plant that will grow in specific conditions, or developing a garden that can attract butterflies or birds really makes your customers feel happy about their garden space. Clients appreciate that customized designs make their landscapes look better and more cohesive. Spending the time to produce a well thought out custom design absolutely sets you apart from all the Stella d’Oro contractors and gives your designs a custom look that solves problems for the end-consumer.

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