Try these Summer Bulb Combinations

While it’s true that it’s too late to plant spring bulbs for color this spring, the time is right to take notice of bulb combos and plantings you may want to replicate in your own yard. You can cruise the internet for photos you like, take a drive to local botanic gardens and arboretums, check out local parks… or just play with bulb combos in your own front yard using iScape!

Daffodil ‘Replete’ with underplanting of Muscari

Yellow Emperor Tulips with Red Shine Tulips (front) and Apeldoorn Darwin Tulips (back)

Planting Crocus in the lawn is old fashioned and charming. The bulbs are so small that planting them is not a chore.

Tulip Negrita, Tulip Orange Brilliant and Orange Dynasty Tulip in front

You can easily use iScape to design with bulbs right now, so you can know exactly where to plant them for the most impact in autumn. Choose from tulips, daffodils, snowdrops, crocus and more, and save your design for purchasing and planting in fall. So easy, it just takes a few clicks.