Can iScape Give You a Forever Home?

If you’ve dreamed about building, designing, or finding your forever home, you’re just like Mandy Bates. After years of research and combining different ideas to put together the home she’s always wanted, Mandy finally broke ground and started building her own Williamsburg cottage.

After discovering the iScape app through Instagram, she used it to see what her yard would look like with grass. Through this simple visualization, she was able to enjoy seeing what her future could look like at her forever home.

First, Mandy uploaded a picture of the building site. “It took me a minute, but then I was able to find what I needed.” Being able to add something as simple as new grass can really make a difference when trying to envision your home.

“I would love to see what else the app has to offer in the future, and would love to use it in the future when we are closer to doing more landscaping projects.” Well Mandy, iScape isn’t going anywhere! With constant updates to our Augmented Reality technology, more uploads to our image database, and new users of homeowners and landscapers alike, we’re just getting started.

Check out Mandy’s forever home progress on her Instagram page @the_harmony_home_2020.

Download iScape now and see how the magic of visualization can guide you towards your forever home. So simple, so easy. iScape it!