Combining the Outdoors and Art for Grief Relief

Over the past 18 months, it has become increasingly apparent that grief is one aspect of life that cannot be avoided. Sooner or later, everyone will come face to face with the grief caused by the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, a failed marriage, or any other considerable loss. Although every instance of grief is as unique as the person experiencing it, there are a number of effective coping mechanisms and treatments that can be applied to most situations. Apart from traditional counseling, engaging in different art forms, and especially those that incorporate outdoor areas in one way or another have been found to aid considerably in the grieving process.

Art can be a cathartic experience

Spending quality time outdoors or engaging in creative activities both have the ability to help someone overcome their grief. It is, therefore, no surprise that spending time creating art pieces that depict elements of nature can be particularly beneficial. In fact, these artistic endeavors can prove to be extremely cathartic and even serve as a form of meditation. Painting scenes from nature can be very soothing as can creating art using natural elements such as sticks, leaves, flowers, and even sand. Drawing flowers that bring you joy, such as a cheery daffodil, can also turn out to be an extremely relaxing activity that helps you distance yourself from your negative emotions.

Don’t disregard the power of technology

More unconventional forms of art therapy, such as coloring-in apps, can be every bit as effective in helping someone deal with grief as more traditional art forms.  As a matter of fact, these types of technologies make creative activities increasingly accessible to the general population. Virtual landscape design apps such as iScape that allow homeowners and landscaping professionals alike to design outdoor spaces virtually before spending any money, can be a great grief-buster. Just like giving your home a physical makeover can give your mental health a significant boost, so too can engaging in digital landscape development and design. Apart from serving as a welcome distraction, spending time on these apps may also ignite a newfound passion for design in someone.

Art makes it easier to express emotion

Grief can manifest itself in many ways. More often than not, it results in a lot of repressed emotion. While some people find it relatively easy to express their feelings, others find it almost impossible to verbalize all the anger, hurt, and frustration they are experiencing. Engaging in artistic activities, whether it is drawing, painting, sculpting, or landscaping can make it easier to express these feelings. This, in turn, speeds up overall healing, allowing the grieving individual to make peace with what has happened. There is no rulebook that states what creative activities should be engaged in. Finger-painted flowers or meticulously drawn foliage can both function as very effective emotional outlets for a grieving person.  

Grief is a painful yet unavoidable part of life. Thankfully, the grieving process can be made easier by combining two very powerful elements: the outdoors and art.

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