Create an Eye Catcher of a Landscape

When the iScape landscape designers saw this sweet little Cape Cod house, they knew that the owners’ request to improve curb appeal could make a big difference for the home’s appearance. Creating a grand entrance is a smart goal when rebuilding the landscape for curb appeal.

Here you see the before and after landscape design, which addresses several issues for an upgraded curb appeal look. In this instance, the entry sidewalk from the front door was moved from the street to the driveway. Creating a wider, more attractive walkway truly improved the experience of walking to the front door.

Adding shrubs that contrast with the house’s deep, almost black, color creates punches of bright color to draw the eye back to the darker recesses of the entry garden. Softening the corner of the house with a vertical shrub creates a feeling of continuation through the garden instead of stopping at a harsh angle. Adding stone structures, clipped hedges, and shrubs of varying colors truly enhances the view of the front of the house and allows your eye to wander with interest. The final crowning touch is to place two pots overflowing with flowers flanking the entrance.

This view of the iScape digital design demonstrates how different a home can look before and after a landscape installation. For more ideas on improving curb appeal, review the list below.

Basics for Improving Curb Appeal

  1. Update and repair walkways and hardscape – that might include completely replacing the material, or simply cleaning the hardscapes with a power washer.
  2. Paint the front door – whether you are going for a bold look or a more unified look, a fresh color on the front door can change the whole face of your home from the curb.
  3. Clean siding and wash windows – homeowners often let time pass without doing maintenance cleaning of the home. It can be surprising how wonderful the house can look with a good spit-and-polish.
  4. Refresh the mulch – adding fresh mulch is like dressing up for a fancy event; the house is elevated by clean mulch.
  5. Add structure to the garden – arbors, pergolas, benches, bird baths, and new hardscaping are all types of structure that you can add to a landscape that will draw the eye and a visitor’s interest.
  6. Switch out fixtures – old fixtures can be rusted, pitted, and ugly. By refreshing light fixtures, door handles, and house numbers, you put a touch of makeup on your beautiful old gal and suddenly she’s going to a ball.
  7. Trim trees and plant fresh as needed – overgrown trees or trees that are suffering from disease and other problems can look ugly and spread disease.
  8. Plant landscape with small grouping of shrubs and perennials – a well-planned, freshly planted mixed border can add dollars on to the value of the home – it just makes sense.

Download iScape now and create landscape designs that improve curb appeal and transform gardens. iScape it!