Create Side Yard Designs

Side yards are often long, dark, and narrow, which can present a particularly difficult challenge when trying to add landscape plantings. Because of this challenging design issue, side yards are often underused and under-landscaped due to a homeowner’s fear of laying out such a persnickety part of their property.

Answering the question of how often the side yard is used can lead to a smart design plan. If the side yard is used frequently, then adding a concrete, flagstone, or paver walkway might be a smart idea. You will prevent muddy shoes and encourage a safe area for those who are dashing the side yard path frequently. If the side yard is used infrequently, then you might consider a less formal concept with stepping stones, mulch, or grass forming a pathway. Even a low ground cover might be appropriate.

Linking the front and back landscapes with a creative side yard planting design can encourage friends and family to use the side yard and also add a bit of beauty to your property. Creative container plantings, arbors and pergolas, a Zen garden, or even a small room and work area can be placed in a side yard with ease. It is important to note the growing conditions; most side yards are shady, but not all. Having enough room to water the landscape by hand or with drip irrigation is important.

In the photos you see an example of how one narrow side yard space can be easily landscaped in a variety of ways with the iScape app. Want garden pots instead of inground plantings? Easy to see by inserting your ideas. Prefer a green allée along the pathway? Adjust your choices in iScape and discover your favorite combination. Utilizing the iScape app enables you to test, try, change, and move the plants in any way you choose before actually breaking ground. It saves money and it saves time.

Download iScape now and create fabulous landscape designs that transform side yards into secret hideaways. iScape it!