How to Design a Fireplace for Your Outdoor Patio - iScape

Designing an outdoor fireplace for entertaining on your patio can be a challenging process. Why? It is nearly impossible for a homeowner to look at a blueprint and understand how their patio and outdoor fireplace might look to them post-build. Guessing about the design process is a scary thing and could be a waste of money; prebuilding a design without understanding what it might look like in the end can create costly mistakes.

How to Get Started with Designing an Outdoor Fireplace

If you want to build an outdoor fireplace, the first step is to check with the city and homeowner’s association to make sure it is possible to build the fireplace and what permits are needed. Some cities have a restriction on outdoor fireplace size, positioning, and designs for safety reasons.

Once you discover the size of the fireplace allowed and where it can be positioned in the landscape, it is time to consider what type of “design look” you want for the fireplace. For example, if you have a home that is Spanish style, you might want a fireplace that is reflective of Southwest design. If you have a Cape Cod style home, you might prefer having a fireplace covered in natural stone. Creating a design beforehand without physically building it is possible with iScape.

designing a fireplace for outdoor patio
designing a fireplace for outdoor patio

Use iScape to Help with a Hardscape

Utilizing the iScape app will enable you to instantly create a vision of the landscape where you want to place the outdoor fireplace. According to the homeowner’s dreams, iScape will enable a user to visually add a patio, fireplace, container plants, and outdoor furniture so that the homeowner can truly feel immersed in the design.

This layout process will help someone envision the complete before and after design (see photos). When a homeowner can better envision the project, it enables them to take an active role in creating the perfect design in relationship to their patio and garden so they can easily dream of long nights under the stars in front of their fireplace with friends and family. This vision helps to move the project forward with success.

Download iScape now and learn about all types of hardscape ideas that work with your landscape designs. Or, if you need some design help, Hire-a-Designer now and let the iScape Pro’s help guide you! iScape it!