Designing a Pergola with iScape

A pergola is a beautiful hardscape attribute to add to an outdoor patio. Pergolas offer additional shade and rain cover as well, thereby encouraging people to spend more time outdoors. The other benefit of a pergola is that it can truly increase the beauty level on a patio, bringing a lot of joy to a homeowner’s entertainment area.

Why Use the iScape App to Design a Pergola Garden

Pergola kits or custom builds can be expensive to install depending upon the plan. Therefore, it is a smart idea to use iScape to help you with design placement. The advantage of utilizing iScape is that not only can you calculate the exact look of a pergola on a patio before building it, you can also add garden plantings around the pergola so that a homeowner can see what a fully grown planting area might look like as a finished project.

How to Get Started with Designing an Outdoor Pergola

If you want to build a pergola around your patio, the very first step is to check with the city and homeowner’s association to make sure it is possible to build the pergola. Your city might require certain permits as well. Both cities and homeowner’s associations often have a restriction on pergola size, positioning, and designs for safety reasons.

Once you discover the size of pergola allowed and where exactly the pergola can be positioned in the landscape, it is time to consider what type of “design look” you want for the structure. For example, if you have a home that is Spanish style, you might want a rustic iron pergola that is reflective of Southwest design. If you have a Cape Cod style home, you might prefer having a wooden pergola structure covered in East Coast-style vines.

Use iScape to Help with a Pergola

Creating a design beforehand without physically building it is possible with iScape. Simply open the app, import a photo of the garden area you want to design, then begin the style selection process. Choose a pergola that matches your imagined design, then begin digitally moving the pergola into position. Once this is complete, add furniture, lighting, and plantings all around the patio.

iScape’s design layout process will help homeowners envision the complete before and after design (see photos). When a homeowner can better envision the project, it enables them to take an active role in creating the perfect design in relationship to their patio and garden. Best yet, helping a homeowner to see a potential finished project before investing financially in a project enables a better time and money estimate in advance of the project.

Download iScape now and learn about all types of hardscape ideas that work with your landscape designs. iScape it!