Don’t Miss These Transitional Season Trends

Curious about the up and coming trends for this spring and summer season? With the weather warming up over the next couple of months, there are some definite trends that are coming up that you won’t want to miss. Here’s what you can look out for this season and what you may want to consider for your own outdoor space!

Multi-Seasonal Green

First on the list is multi-seasonal green. Typically, spring and summer are the seasons to plan for gardens and outdoor life. But there are many other options that allow for certain plants to remain green and colorful for the rest of the year, even during the winter months! Included on the list of plants and shrubs that you may consider planting in a container are Camellia Hybrids, Cyclamen, Golden Sword Yucca, Green Mountain Boxwood, and Bergenia. Check all of these out in our image database to get more info on them and start designing with them in your own space!

Vertical Gardens

Especially for small spaces, vertical gardens are the perfect trend to follow! All you have to do is pick your space against a wall or fence, and plan out your frame. After setting up your irrigation system, all you have to do is insert your plants and you’re good to go. Plan out your vertical garden in our app to see where you’d like to have it and what exactly it would look like in your space!

Smart Tech Yards

From sprinklers to lighting to outdoor speakers to firepits and more, technology in an outdoor space is becoming more apparent everywhere. As mentioned above, installing an irrigation system is important for your garden or yard. As technology continues to advance, so do the methods for upkeep in your outdoor space. Make life easier and integrate smart technology into your own yard or garden to save you time and to make your ecological contribution. Check out our blog on installing a drip irrigation system to get you started!

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