Enable a Smooth Decision-Making and Positive Landscaping Experience

What happens when a homeowner purchases a home only to be confronted with a devastatingly horrid front yard inherited from the previous owners that is more likely to resemble the surface of Mars rather than a landscape that is curb appealing? Often in this situation, homeowners become frozen with indecision and find it surprisingly difficult to make landscape choices for fear that any direction they go will not look as they intended or worse yet, will fail entirely.

In this view there is a lovely blue and white ranch-style home with virtually no landscaping and a front lawn that resembles a desert and is devoid of grass. Critically lacking curb appeal and general landscaping, this home is a prime candidate to utilize the iScape app and smart design professionals to create a tropical paradise garden.

Here, you can see a front landscape transformation, which takes that flat desert scape and creates a bit of hardscape interest with a short rock wall that surrounds shrubs and tropical plants like Bird of Paradise. On the outer edge of the garden, there are colorful flowering lantana shrubs and tropical plants installed to create a sense of property boundary while still showing a stunning design layout. The grass is clearly delineated and the dark mulch tops the garden beds.

Using the iScape app as an easy tool to show homeowners the potential for curb appeal improvements is a win for homeowners and landscapers. It enables smooth decision making and a positive landscaping experience. This is truly a gorgeous landscape conversion, which went from drab to FAB!

Download iScape now and create fabulous landscape designs that transform simple lawns into outstanding landscapes. iScape it!