Flower Ideas for a Blue House

Are you stuck on trying to decide what plantings will look best against a blue home? Use the iScape app and test out all types of colors for your garden before actually installing a thing. It’s easy to do. Simply take a photo of a home, upload it to iScape, and start adding amazing flowering perennials, shrubs, and trees.

Blue is a cool-toned color for a house and homeowners can be frozen with indecision with the prospect of adding too much color in the plantings. Most often we see white flowers and subtle green landscaping with blue homes. These colors are cool like the home’s paint.

Good perennials and shrubs with white flowers that match well with blue paint are white shades of delphinium, hydrangea, hosta, rose, lily of the valley, petunias, iris, lilies, or vinca.

Looking at these before and after images from iScape, you can see that bold flower color can make a stunning impact on the look of the home. What a punch of happiness and color complementing bold hues add. Contrasting flower color is what can add energetic and impactful curb appeal.

By adding warmer-leaning flowering plants to the mix, it truly lifts the curb appeal for the house. Red zinnias and roses; pink lilies and phlox; purple allium, liatris and coneflowers; yellow daisies, marigolds and echinacea; orange lilies and pentas. Revving up the home color by adding lots of flowering variety can make the home standout in a positive way in the neighborhood.

Download iScape now and test out flower and plant varieties for a homeowners landscape. Compare cool tones to warm tones and see what works best quickly and easily.  Or, if you need some design help, Hire-a-Designer now and let the iScape Pro’s help guide you! iScape it!