Garden Accessory Ideas and Tips

Bringing a complete design to a landscape is important; it is the little touches that take a garden over-the-top from a design to a home. Ornamental accessories are the topper on the cake and add an interesting dimension that often completes an outdoor room design.

Working with the iScape app, design the large hardscaping first, adding in large trees and plants, then gradually work to fill out the garden beds with plants that are more ground hugging shrubs and perennials. Last, but not least, comes furniture, lamps, containers, and other accessories. These final touches can take the landscape up a notch and bring a complete view of a garden to a homeowner.

garden accessory ideas and tips
garden accessory ideas and tips

Plan for a Room – Creating a room for entertaining is popular, but also useful to a homeowner. Building an outdoor room as comfortable and beautiful as your indoor rooms makes the area magnetic to guests. When designing the room, rather than simply laying out a patio with chairs in your plan, make sure you add container plantings in odd-numbered groups around a patio or other hardscaped designs.

garden accessory ideas and tips

Garden or Path Entrance Fancy-up – Dressing up garden entrances with a pergola or another structure to frame the space is amazingly appealing to the eye. In the attached before and after photos you can see that the pathway arbor draws beautiful positive attention. Having vines dripping off pergolas and arbors brings an extra above-eye level to the garden.

Choose a Theme – Just as you decorate the interior of your home with a theme or style, choose décor for the exterior space in the same way. Whether modern, traditional, or bohemian, having an accessory and design theme repeated throughout the garden can truly raise its design level.

Light it Up – Lighting is so very important in a landscape because it enables you to spend time out in the garden at all hours. It also offers curb appeal and addresses safety concerns. Landscapes can be romantic and appealing after dark with appropriate lighting.

Download iScape now and find plants, hardscapes, and accessories to complete your landscape designs. Or, if you need some design help, Hire-a-Designer now and let the iScape Pro’s help guide you! iScape it!