Garden Elements to Help You Start Your Morning Right

Mornings can be chaotic, whether you are trying to get your kids to school or trying to get to work on time. The tasks of the day start to overwhelm you along with the decisions of what to wear that day and what to eat for breakfast. The stress clouds your mind so much that you forget about the paradise right outside your window: your backyard.

Filled with rows of flowers buzzing with bees and chirping birds bathing at the fountain, and even vegetable seeds slowly but surely growing into tomatoes and cucumbers, your beacon of paradise awaits your presence: just a few minutes of stress-free, relaxing meditation that will set you right for the rest of the day is all you need. And especially on National Garden Meditation Day, you want to do it right.

Take a look at these garden elements that we think will set you up right for that perfect moment of reflection and relaxation.

1. Flowers

Flowers can add color, texture, and life to your garden. Depending on the color, they can really set the mood for the day. Red brings healing and revitalization; Orange brings joy and encouragement; Yellow brings energy and progress; Green brings healing and harmony; Blue brings peace and rest; Indigo brings purity and clarity; and Violet brings detoxification and stimulation. And as they say, “color is the language of the soul.”

2. Fountains and Bird Feeders

Listening to water features creates a sound therapy like no other. These resonating sounds can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and refresh your mood to lead a productive day. Even the sight of water falling will contribute to mental and spiritual healing that you seek. Bird feeders can also bring a sense of relaxation and liveliness when the birds start to fly in a chirp their way through your morning grogginess.

3. White Arch Fence

Arched fences can provide a sense of protection, privacy, and value that no other garden element can. The traditional craft in the wood exerts a beauty that will set your yard apart from others as well as satisfy your individuality. It can also recreate a Frances Burnett’s A Secret Garden vibe that withholds an essence of pure naturesque.

4. Outdoor Furniture        

It is really important to find both comfortability and style in your outdoor furniture. The rocking motion of a porch swing can improve circulation and concentration, the softness/firmness (depending on your needs) of pillows and cushions can relieve pressure and weight off your back and neck, and the color and design of each chair and table can produce a specific mind stimulation depending on the color and pattern.

5. Vases and Pots

Vases and pots can bring a sense of organization and structure when designing your outdoor space. Changing the position or location of a potted plant or vase can make all the difference in the look of your garden or yard. With a variety of designs, you can explore your personal style and create the outdoor atmosphere of your dreams.

6. Ground Cover  

Ground cover can be as simple as mulch and grass to as stark as rocks and gravel. Depending on the look you’re going for, each can bring a unique beauty and interest to the life of your garden. It can reduce maintenance, cover up any unwanted visual weak spots, and reflect the sun’s light to bring warmth and brightness physically and mentally.

7. Bushes and Shrubs    

Bushes and shrubs are a great alternative for fences and privacy. Environmentally, they can filter any unwanted dust or pollutants in the air and reduce the effects of flooding. They can also provide a habitat for tamed organisms and bring warmth to your house if placed on the sides of your home. Feeling the sun on your face early in the morning is a great way to start your day!