Give an Old and Tired Look Some Love With iScape

Can your yard use some sprucing up? Has it been years since you’ve added something new? Is your curb appeal 💯?

Containers can change the look of any landscape in a dramatic way. They are the accessories of your yard! Help your landscaping be at its best by providing planters that suit the scale of your home (not too small!) with large scale plantings in them. If you’re going to splurge on any one aspect of your front yard, containers are an excellent place to spend that cash. Don’t believe me? Try on some containers using iScape! Just snap a photo and try some out or use the powerful AR (Augmented Reality) function so you can feel the difference that different sizes and scales make. It is so simple and easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try iScape earlier!

Here are a few other tips to give your old and tired look a little landscape love!

Stand back and check the scale of all your plantings. Is everything low? Do most of your plantings hover at about 3 feet tall? This is a really common landscape problem, the yard’s equivalent of a run-on sentence. Look for some 5-6 feet tall evergreen shrubs or perennial grasses to add some punctuation.

Adding symmetry can be adding a layer of order where there is none. In your landscaping, symmetry doesn’t have to mean exactly the same, but it can mean balance in shapes, color and scale. Using plants in groups and repeating the groups is an easy way to add symmetry.

Panicle hydrangeas improve any garden party! Panicle Hydrangeas thrive in most yards (sun or shade, hot or wet) and thrive on your neglect, requiring only that you remove last year's blooms in late winter with a pair of pruners. You’ll be glad you added them.

Fresh mulch always ups the curb appeal. Make sure you're never adding more than 4 inches of mulch in total. Sometimes old mulch can be fluffed and raked to look like new (without any of the labor of replacing it!)

Not an iScape user? Download iScape now and transform your outdoor living space today!