Greendigs: Giving Gifts Like Never Before

Beautiful possibilities at your fingertips

Elevate your Gifting

Yes, the holidays may look different this year. New dynamics of virtual parties, shopping for decorations online, and sharing an eggnog with a loved one over Zoom will fill the air. So much so that it may even feel like the usual holiday spirit is gone. But a distant light to brighten the sky still flies closer and closer, and it’s not Rudolph’s nose on Santa’s Sleigh. It’s Greendigs!

By bringing a new concept of “living design” to life, giving a memorable gift with a combination of beautiful hand-selected plants of all types is always possible. From carefully crafted modern pots with clean lines and satin glaze to the artisan Greendigs + Burley Clay collection, exclusive accessories can be provided for every style. And that’s not all. With every order comes plant food and a plant care card for your recipient to enjoy your gift beyond the coming years.

Brighten up any shelf space

Maybe there’s a shelf or space that’s been empty for too long, so here’s an easy fix! Shelf-sized pottery and plants will brighten a bookcase, windowsill, or any bathroom, and will fit perfectly as a functional addition to the room. Options like Peperomia that have long stems can hold up variegated leaves, which would be sure to add some cheer around the place!

Make a vertical statement piece

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more… dramatic! To compliment something like a great, big window or to fill a tall corner of the room, hang a plant and pot combination that will fit into one of these hangers. This custom crafted cognac leather display rope is made from real cowhide and has subtle hand-knotted details that soften the saddle work-style construction. We suggest a Spider plant that will create a perfect modern juxtaposition for the dark leather.

Send your message with copper markers

No matter what plant combination you pick out, these hand-stamped copper plant markers will be the perfect cherry on top. There are several messages to choose from and the tags will be attached before shipping. If you’re going for a classic look, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Smart assistance

Ever heard of plant moisture indicators? They’re a simple way to find out how hydrated your plant is so you know exactly when you should water your plant. It’s become quite the popular addition to a successful gift as this; an elegant touch for an elegant friend, if we do say so ourselves!

By giving with Greendigs, you’ll be gifting your recipient with something so pleasing and fulfilling, their world will brighten up as if Rudolph was in fact passing overhead. All of the plants, pots, and accessories from Greendigs really do have the hidden magic of the holiday spirit that will go beyond the cheerful months, so get yours today!

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