Halloween Inspiration from iScape

Happy Halloween! We hope for a fun and safe celebration with impressive decorations for your holiday weekend. Before the weekend fully commences, check out some outdoor ideas, safety tips, and more inspiration for you to join.

Holiday Decor Ideas

Take your inspiration to the next level by checking out these ideas for your own outdoor space or holiday party.

Bring Halloween into Your Designs

We have thousands of images in our database that you can feature in your outdoor landscape, especially when it comes to holiday decorating. Add some orange colors to your porch or darker greenery along your driveway. If you don’t like it, no problem. Change it out for another color or plant until you find what you like and can confidently prepare your outdoor space in time. Here are a few favorites from our database:

Lighting Safety

Make sure you are aware of your Halloween lighting safety. For the safety of trick-or-treaters and other visitors to your home, avoid using candles. While it may look aesthetically pleasing, using LED lighting can help you avoid any potential fire hazards from happening. Path lights can also illuminate dark areas or pathways up to your house, which can prevent unnecessary accidents in the evening. Downlighting can also be used to lighten up driveways, walkways, and steps for safety.

Pinterest Collaboration

For some last minute Halloween inspiration for decorations, activities and treats, check out our Pinterest board on all of the fun you can have this holiday! If you have more pin ideas you’d like to add, click here to become a collaborator. Join us in celebrating together!

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