Hire-A-Designer: The Perfect Side Yard

The side of your home is an often forgotten area when it comes to enhancements, but with iScape you can explore the possibilities and hopefully be so enchanted with them that you want to bring them into reality!

1st: Tell us about your project

Provide us with a few pictures and basic project details so we can match you with the perfect designer!

2nd: Get matched with your designer

Work directly with your iScape designer on remaining details to ensure you receive the ideal design!

3rd: Enjoy your iScape design

Pricing as low as $99 depending on your project size and design needs!

This homeowner chose to utilize iScape’s Hire-A-Designer feature by submitting photos to iScape’s in-house design team. Check out the amazing results!

Instead of the hose reel being the focal point, there are now walls teeming with lush vines, cheerful perennials all around, perfectly edged beds and a bluestone stepping stone path to save wear and tear on the turf. The difference is HUGE!

How does your home’s side yard rank? Is it a blank page? Could it use some updating? Would your home benefit from added privacy? Why not try on a handful of looks using iScape’s easy-to-use, immense database of options OR consider using the Hire-A-Designer team to get a head start on spring? Put your outdoor space in the hands of a seasoned professional today, just choose the hire-a-designer option on the homepage of the iScape app.

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