Hot Houseplants

Houseplants? Absolutely. And you should be here for it too! Here are some varieties of plants you need to own and some helpful tips on how to be successful with those new, green, leafy roommates.

We are all aware of the Fiddle-Leaf Fig, but why are they so fussy? Make sure you buy your fig from a reputable source, place it in a south or west-facing window, and make sure it’s in a pot that drains freely. A fiddle-leaf fig may suffer in air conditioning season, so put it outside in a dappled shade in the summer or, even better, just keep the windows open.

Mother-in-law’s-Tongue is the low-maintenance, shade plant we have all been waiting for. The only way to insult this plant is to water it too often. All it needs is just a little watering once a month. These strappy plants come in all sorts of colors and textures these days, so experiment with them all!

Rubber Trees and Yuccas are easy as long as you have them in your sunniest window and don’t overwater them. Stick your finger in the soil every time you feel like you should water. If the soil is already moist, wait a little longer.

Areca Palms are graceful palms that reach up to 7 feet and like bright, indirect light. They also like to be tight in their container, so hold off on repotting too often. They are sensitive to a lack of humidity in the air, so mist them well in the winter and consider letting them spend the summer out on the patio.

Corn Plants actually have nothing to do with corn; only that the wide leaves are somewhat similar to that of a corn stalk. They usually have a cane with a few stems shooting off of it. Keeping it in bright, indirect sun will keep it compact and healthy. Do not overwater. These plants are poisonous to pets.