How to Choose a Landscape Professional for Your Home

If you are one of the many people who’ve always wanted to have a jaw-dropping landscape that can double as your very own zen garden, green safe haven, or flower sanctuary, there is no better time to turn those dreams into a reality than now. After all, current circumstances are not only making it more preferable for many to stay at home but are also finally affording people the time to landscape their gardens. However, it is important to note that it can be rather difficult to bring your landscape ideas to life without the help of the right professionals. That said, here are tips that can help you choose a landscape professional for your home:

Ask Friends and Family

Whether you are looking for a delectable cake or landscaping company, one of the tried and tested ways to get to the best is by asking friends and family. This simple tip will not only give you firsthand insights from people you trust, but also from individuals who have had experience of working with the companies and professionals. In addition to this, getting referrals can also help you avail discounts, especially if your friend or relative has been a long time customer of the firm you are eyeing.

Check, Check, Check

As a client, you would of course want to get services from a company that has been accredited by trustworthy institutions. So, in choosing a landscape professional for your home, make sure to check for qualifications and professional accreditations, as well as business licenses. After all, starting a landscaping company means competing with thousands of other similar businesses (over 100,000 by 2025). So one thing to look out for is whether the company is registered or purely independent. Those that have employees will be more expensive to hire, but it is a greater indication of experience compared to those who work alone (although this is not set in stone). To get a list of all the professional landscape designers in your city, check out the Association for Professional Landscape Designer (APLD)’s official website.

Use iScape

Now that we are living through a pandemic, meeting professionals (even for your dream backyard and lawn) can be a little risky. This is the reason why using an app when looking for a landscaping professional is such a great idea. Through apps like the iScape App that have a Hire-A-Designer feature, you wouldn’t have to step outside of your home just to find the perfect person or company for your humble abode. What is even great about an app like this is that you can have an arrangement wherein landscape designers will work with you remotely, thereby eliminating the need to meet with them physically.

Asking friends and family, checking for qualifications and accreditations, and using the iScape app are the best options for finding the perfect landscape professional who will realize your landscape dreams.

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By: Runa Jaclyn