How to Design Outdoors When the Days Become Shorter

As a homeowner, there are a lot of options to look into for your outdoor space. Whether you’re more focused on the front yard area or backyard space, or even just a small corner that has been neglected for too long, every homeowner deserves to have their own beautiful outdoor space designed just the way they want.

With our sun-slider feature in Augmented Reality, not only can you change the time of day to visualize what your outdoor space looks like at all hours of the day, you can pick and choose between many outdoor features that will maintain its daytime appearance after dark. Especially as we enter the colder season and the days become shorter, it’s important to us that you don’t feel limited.

With more plants and yard features being added to our image database everyday, homeowners all over will finally be able to have the outdoor space of their dreams. Join millions of others as we share more and more opportunities to build your business, grow your potential, and succeed as a community of designers.

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