How to Make a Driveway Look Nice

What is the best solution for improving the look of a driveway? Driveways can be beautiful and improve curb appeal for a homeowner. There are several ways a landscape company can assist with a driveway cleanup and improvement listed below.

Clean the Driveway

The easiest first step, which is the least expensive, is to blow off debris and power wash the driveway. A quick morning of power washing can yield incredible results and immediately improve curb appeal.

Repair the Driveway

Once the driveway is power washed, you will be able to better see what needs to be repaired. Fill cracks in the concrete, repair bricks or pavers, and/or reseal the driveway. Repairing the brakes will prevent further deterioration and set the scene for other improvements.

Upgrade the Hardscape

Another smart design idea is to upgrade the hardscape by adding a brick or paver border or walkway along the edge of the driveway. The hardscaping products should be buried and level with the driveway or it might trip up people getting in and out of their cars, so think safety first. Another upgrade to consider is staining the driveway – concrete is easily recolored and when applied looks like a whole new driveway has been installed.

Landscape the Area

Improving the landscape can make a very large impact. While it is tempting to plant immediately next to the driveway, when landscape material is placed too close to a driveway it can cause difficulty for homeowners to get in and out of vehicles.

In the iScape before and after images on this page you can see that the flower beds only touch a small portion of the driveway, leaving the left side of the driveway completely open for easy access.

Improved landscaping is focused on color and year-round green appeal with the installation of evergreens and low maintenance shrubs. If lining your driveway with trees, keep in mind the root structure of the tree and plant far enough from the driveway that mature tree roots will not pressure the driveway to crack. Be sure to add mulch around your plantings so that if someone steps off the driveway they do not step into mud, but step into a mulched area to protect their shoes.

Improving a home’s driveway increases the value of the home. A beautiful driveway is as welcoming as a lovely painted front door and is an important consideration for curb appeal.  

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