How to Turn Mondays into "My Days"

Mondays… What do you think of when you see that word? A fresh start with organization and productivity heading towards a fruitful week? How about a dreadful acknowledgement of all the work that wasn’t done on your relaxing and stress-free weekend? Yeah, Mondays can be rough… and searching for the motivation to get out of bed can be even rougher. But then we found this...

Can Monday really be my day? Even with all of the work lying ahead? iScape says yes! And there’s only one way to do it…

Bring your headspace to your outdoor space!

Monday is known as the base of the week. Depending on how you wake up can set the mood for the rest of the week. If you wake up weary and miserable, your tasks of the week will reflect how you started. If you wake up happy and refreshed, the next few days will highlight those positive vibes. That’s why it’s especially important to create a place for you to take a few minutes to wake up your mind and get in the right headspace. And what better place to do that than your own backyard?

Whether you have a yard the size of a football field or the size of your bed, joining the birds and sunshine outdoors can decrease your stress levels and bring your mental state up without you even realizing it. Letting the calm breeze of the wind shift the air around you can allow your mind to wake up in the most relaxed, possible state. And with all of that right outside your back door, there’s no better convenience than taking those few steps to join the morning ambiance.

That’s why iScape was created just for you! Maybe you want a place to sit and watch the sun rise through the clouds or a beautiful garden of flowers for the bees to buzz next to the giant deciduous tree of chirping birds. Maybe you want a stone walkway from your patio to your vegetable garden so you can pick the grown tomatoes and add it to your lunch for today. Or how about a fountain of trickling water to relax and accompany your morning coffee time?

Anything you can think of, iScape has it. And even if you don’t have many ideas, iScape has many great features that will open your eyes to the many possibilities your yard can become. Take a look at this video to see how a plain backyard gets turned into a blissful utopia within minutes.

Your backyard can become your happy place, and so can your Monday. Download the app today to turn your Monday into “my day.”

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