How to Use iScape to Brighten Up Your Yard With Pastels

If your yard is a place for you to relax and reenergize, perhaps pastels are for you. Plants with pastel flowers or foliage have a knack for bringing a peaceful feeling and a sense of well-being, as well as softening and brightening the home landscape. Those pale blooms tend to reflect the moonlight and therefore extend the hours you can enjoy your garden.

Plants with pastel flowers:

  • Pink Spires Crab Tree
  • Bloom-A-Thon® Lavender Azalea
  • Apricot Beauty Tulips
  • Jane Magnolia
  • Lilac Peacock Garden Phlox
  • Nikko Blue Hydrangea
  • Imogen Shrub Rose
  • Sensation Lilac
  • Astilbe Younique Silvery Pink
  • Seashells Mix Cosmos

Plants with pastel foliage:

  • Dappled Willow
  • Chinook Caladium
  • Lamb’s Ear
  • Peach Flambe Coral Bells
  • Strawberries & Cream Ribbon Grass
  • Liberty Hosta

Brightening around shade gardens, fences, or areas you want to draw the eye is a pastel color’s job as well. The trick is being able to match the colors of your house and yard. But iScape can help with that! Use iScape to “try on” pastel plants using a photo of your home. The new and powerful powerful Augmented Reality feature also allows you to see how pastels would “feel” in your home landscaping. Watch this video on how to use AR to design with your choice of pastels!

Softening can be used where there are many hard surfaces, like where a hardscape meets a wall. Pastels have their place in any home landscape, however, they pop best against a gray or white home. When in doubt, use a color wheel and hold it up to your home to take note of the hues that work best before you buy.

So simple, so easy and it only takes a few minutes!

Front yard before a transformation with pastel flowers