Ideas for a Side Yard Makeover

Side yards typically feature a very narrow strip of land that connects a homeowner’s front yard to the back yard space. Most people see this strip as a completely wasted space. Yet an attractive side yard can be gloriously beautiful and add to the value of a home.

What is Most Important for a Side Yard Landscape?

Homeowners are looking to their side yards for useful and functional outdoor living ideas rather than use it as a wasted space. It is important to create some form of a walkway or patio in almost every side yard so that homeowners can easily navigate the space and have access to the side of the home for any necessary maintenance concerns. Another concern might be rules or permits related to building or planting in a side yard by the city or homeowner’s association. Outside of permitting and access, the sky is the limit on what you can do with a side yard next to a home.

10 Great Ideas for Designing a Side Yard Makeover

Once the permitting and access concerns are met, it is time to create a beautiful side yard with iScape. You can see in the before and after photos on this post that iScape images help to create a great plan idea before homeowners spend a single penny on building materials. It’s a great way to see the end plan without investing a lot of time and money. Below are ten terrific ideas for a side yard makeover design.

  1. Build a Court – Create a bocce ball court or a cornhole/bean bag toss game court. Bocce courts require at least 60 feet of side yard and at least a 15-foot width, but a cornhole court can be built in a much smaller area.
  2. Paving Stone Walkway and Patio – Need a small seating area for a bistro table for a bit of privacy or a laptop computer zone? Install a stone patio in the center of the side yard with a walkway attached on either side.
  3. Side Yard Chicken Coop – Creatively built chicken coops can fit in very small and out-of-the-way spaces. Because a side yard generally offers a lot of shade, this is a good solution for a quiet area on a property.
  4. Meditation or Yoga Zone – By creating a spa-like landscape transition with a flat patio area, you have the perfect opportunity to experience a meditation or yoga zone on your property. A secret restful escape that can be very spa-like.
  5. Putting Green Haven – Putting greens can be virtually any shape and are particularly suited to long side yards. Of course, you can plant traditional grass in the side yard, but with less sun, artificial turf might be better for a putting green.
  6. Vertical Wall Garden Retreat – Imagine a pathway lined with a vertical wall garden which hangs either on the fence or on the side of the home’s wall. Depending upon the garden zone, this can be either a delightful summer garden or a year-round plant retreat.
  7. Kids Zone – Kids love having a secret garden area that is all their own. Hang a chalkboard along the walkway, place a table for arts and crafts, and tuck in some comfortable outdoor seating along the walkway so your kids have a secret place to read books and discover nature.
  8. Outdoor Work Bench Area – There are times we all need space to pot plants, drill wood, assemble projects, or stack paint cans. Having an outdoor work area can enhance your lifestyle and a small side yard space might just be the perfect area to create this fun craft zone.
  9. Small Greenhouse – Tucking a small greenhouse along the side of the home can be a great solution for houseplant potting and winter seed starting. If it is a permanent structure, be cautious about permits and spacing as required by the homeowner’s association and local city rules.
  10. Themed Garden – Themed gardens make a unique addition to any landscape. Having a specific garden such as a rock garden, water feature garden, native plant garden, then adding seating and art installments which match the theme, can make a beautiful statement.

Download iScape now and create side yard designs that can truly impact your living space. iScape it!