Increase Efficiency and Reliability as a Professional Landscaper

In landscaping, there’s always a business. Whether people want a fresh lawn, trimmed bushes, new fencing, or a different color palette for a new season, homeowners will always be relying on trustworthy, efficient professionals to help bring their outdoor vision to life. And for a landscape professional, it’s important to maintain that trustworthy reliance between a client. That’s why our team at iScape is working hard everyday to provide a conjunction of grade-A technology, next-level features, relevant content, and reliable designers to not only build and improve the relationship between homeowner and landscaper, but maintain it for years to come.

With a palette of plant and hardscape options and hundreds of design ideas – including for in-ground gardens, vertical applications for the side of a house or garage, perennial and annual container designs, deck and patio treatments, water and architectural features and in- ground or raised-bed vegetable and herb gardening – iScape provides everything you’ll need to creatively conceptualize your space.

The app gives you plant names, height-and-width measurements, climate information and direction on whether to locate flowers, trees or shrubs in sun or shade. Users will also get a sense for how trees, shrubs and other plants will grow into their space when fully mature, and the app even provides options for visually incorporating outdoor furniture, novelty items like birdhouses, windows and doors, fencing, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and so much more.

Landscaper Sam Norris, owner of Progressive Lawn Service, showed off a design he created for a client on Instagram. “I was introduced to this app the other day and I must say, I’m a fan. There are hundreds of different combos to go with. Everything from mulch, rocks, planters, grass, hardscaping, water features, this thing does it all! All from your phone, it’s actually very powerful for just an iPhone app. It even lets you start designing live while on location of the potential job. Check them out at @iscapeit and give it a try if you’re trying to help a customer visualize a project. If this thing doesn’t make you #worksmarternotharder then I don’t know what does! I for one am definitely going to be using this A LOT. I’m excited for this one!!”

As a landscaper, you might have hesitations about what your client exactly wants, especially if they don’t give a lot of information. But half the time, the client is looking for someone to tell them what they want for their yard. And iScape can help with that! By creating multiple designs for the homeowner, you can give them different visuals to look at and spark any potential ideas they didn’t have before. And whether they want something moved or changed, or something completely different, iScape allows that change to be easy and affordable.

Want to become an iScape user? Download iScape now and become the best reliable landscaper for your clients!