Increased Curb Appeal Means Increased Sales Price

No matter if this is your first time or tenth time selling a property, the process can be difficult. There’s a lot that goes into selling, which is why it’s important to make sure the property is most appealing to potential buyers. And here’s where you can start:

Curb Appeal: What is it?

The responsibility of a first impression on a specific property almost always falls on the shoulders of curb appeal. And the task of making a property attractive but also memorable and unique can be tricky. A lot of buyers on the market look online first or drive by before even bothering to look inside. From the yard to the front door to the windows to the sidewalk, all of these elements play into a buyer’s general opinion of the property. So, the more impressive your curb appeal is, the more room you have to increase the sale price and make a profit.

iScape it!

Check out these before and after shots to see how simple iScape can make the process of making a property stand out.

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