Achieve Your Dream Landscape with iScape

Still thinking about that one dream landscape you have for your house, whether you drove by it in a neighborhood or saw it on Pinterest? Why not get it started now! Creating your perfect landscape doesn’t happen overnight, which is why it’s okay to take baby steps toward the final product. And with iScape, it’s easy to take that first step of designing!

Grab your nearest iOS or Android device and launch the iScape app. As you will notice, you can choose to upload or take a photo of your own landscape to edit, or you can choose the Augmented Reality (iOS only) feature and work on the go!

1. Backyard Hill Landscape

First, click the ‘Add Cover’ button on the bottom left, and choose the matching ground cover (for this landscape, ‘Grass Green No Stripping’ and ‘Pine Bark Mulch’). To get the exact area covered, click ‘Draw Area’ to trace the outline of the ground cover and then click the option you want. Make sure to press ‘Done’ to save your work.

Once you have the ground cover set, you can move on to the hardscape. Click ‘Add Item’ on the bottom right and scroll down to ‘Hardscapes’. Then click ‘Landscape Rocks’ and choose the best-looking rocks (for this landscape, ‘Boulder 14’ or ‘Boulder 15’ or ‘Boulder 18’ will work). Once the feature is inserted into your design, you can change the shape, size, color, or location of the rocks to your liking by clicking on the feature and using the blue editing bubbles on the left of the screen.

After that is set and saved, you can repeat the same steps for the plants and flowers by scrolling through the different options to pick out the perfect combination for your landscape!

2. Flattering Perennial Garden

First, analyze the different colors covering the outside of your house. Is there one solid color, different shades of one color, or different colors highlighting each other? Understanding the color palette is essential in creating the most attractive landscape. Think of your house color(s) as a backdrop for your garden. Depending on how many colors are already there, you may want to keep the plant colors simple and limited, or expressive and fun. You want to create the perfect harmony for the specific theme you’re going for as well, whether it’s a more natural, more sophisticated, or more dramatic look.

For pastel-colored houses, matching cool colors with cool plant colors as well as warm colors with warm plant colors brings out the most harmony as these houses can mesh into the natural landscape. Bright-colored houses go well with equally bright plant colors as well as their deeper shades. Muted-colored houses give you more flexibility in the combination of colors you choose.

3. Front Yard Shrub Appeal

There is a lot of different shrubs to choose from when shopping for your landscape. But instead of trying to visualize where a certain plant will look best, try it out on iScape first! Between flowering, evergreen, traditional, and classic flowering shrubs, our database has just about got it all for you to try different ideas and recreate them, like the one below!

You can also upload your own images of plants if you saw the perfect plant at your local market and want a more exact visual. Become a Pro User and you get unlimited designs and image layers, project proposals, a company profile and image uploads.

4. Groundcover Galore

Choosing a groundcover can be tricky, especially if you are used to a plain, green grass landscape. But iScape dares you to be different! Explore different groundcovers in our database and design away! This modern home features four different groundcovers: green grass, perennial grass, rock gravel, and a rectangle block walkway. But there is so much more you can choose from too, like hedges, steps, and bridges. And the best part is if you don’t like it, you can delete it at your fingertips and try out another one at no cost! That’s the beauty of iScape.

5. Fence Design

Fences can act for privacy, function, or decoration. Whether you want seclusion or a complimenting yard feature, fences prove to be essential for almost every home! Check out this iron rod fence outlining the front driveway and the wooden fence outlining the backyard. Put this beautiful combination and more together with the flexible creativity iScape offers.

Not an iScape user? Download iScape now and transform your outdoor living space today!