Landscape Designer and Homeowner Partner to Success

What if you are a landscaper without the skills to do formal 3D drawing and architectural layouts? No problem, iScape has you covered!

A current success story of how this landscape designer/homeowner partnership might work happened with Molly. Recently, Molly consulted with a landscape designer about her new home construction for her front garden. Her goal? Break up all that grass, complement the black and white home, and of course, add color and beauty without overwhelming the front garden.

3D Visualization Works

Molly discovered the iScape app in the online app store, “I used the app to visualize landscaping plans. We actually went to a landscaper who drew out some ideas on paper and we wanted to see what it would look like with our house. The app worked perfectly and helped us realize what our selections would look like.”



Half the battle for a landscape designer in presentation is helping the customer visualize the end product. Sometimes that is tough when the client is looking at a flat pencil drawing. iScape is a great tool to help both sides of the design team – designer and homeowner – come together to better understand how the end result will turn out by seeing it with 3D visualization.

Very Easy!

How easy is it? All Molly had to do was upload an image, then work with her designer to place her imagined trees, shrubs, and perennials in place. Worked like a charm as you can see in the photos. According to Molly it was, “Very easy!”

We asked Molly if she would use iScape again in the future for other projects and she said, “Yes, I plan to use it again for our back porch/patio plans! I got lots of new-build friends on Instagram asking about the app. I can't tell you how many friends, family members, and followers were amazed these plants weren't real and that this was done with an app!”

Download iScape now and find easy ways to make a homeowner’s garden easy to visualize. So simple. So powerful. iScape it!