Landscape Irrigation Water Efficiency

Watering is a critical component in keeping a typical home's landscaping alive. Many homeowners, however, may be using too much water. Over-watering can inhibit lawn growth, cause a variety of diseases and is more expensive than necessary. Under-watering, on the other hand, will stunt the growth of a lawn, cause it to brown and lead to an insufficient depth of root growth. Understanding how one's irrigation system functions can help ensure that just the right amount of water is used.

There are a number of factors involved in proper and efficient irrigation of a lawn including the type of grass and soil, the season, size and shape of the lawn, how much shade is available and the grade of the yard itself. Homeowners have a choice of irrigation techniques to choose from, and some might be more effective for their situation than others. Beyond this, there may be hidden potential for increased water efficiency when irrigation systems are properly positioned or maintained. New construction homes may tend to be more efficient than older homes in this regard, but it may be prudent to not assume everything is already optimized.

With a little knowledge and patience, however, homeowners can enjoy a full, green lawn while using water resources efficiently.

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