Landscaper Ideas for Generating Income with Home Landscapes in the Pandemic

Pandemic conditions worldwide have forced more and more people to work remotely and create new ideas for outdoor rooms and space that create social distancing scenarios. Entertaining family and friends outdoors with plenty of room to spread out is a much better situation than tight enclosed areas inside the home.

Food Gardens Planted by Landscapers

Packaged Facts, a market research firm, says in their survey Home Food Gardening: U.S. Market Trends & Opportunities that 26% of American consumers are increasing their food garden space. This is critical to note as retired Americans are more able to build and maintain a home vegetable garden. Young parents, however, want to have a food garden of some kind, but have been overwhelmed by working multiple jobs, teaching home-schooled children, and trying to maintain their home and property.

With this in mind, it leaves an opportunity within the landscaping industry to build vegetable and fruit gardens for a client. Fruit trees, vegetable gardens, edible container designs are all fair game and easily planted by landscape teams. Once established, the homeowner can maintain the garden or have the landscape team come back weekly to tend the landscape as needed depending on their budget. Food can be harvested for the homeowner or for the community at large.

Building Therapeutic Green Landscapes

Another option beyond food gardens, is to install outdoor rooms and green space which will be therapeutic in nature for the homeowner. Creating outdoor kitchens, children’s play gardens, environmentally friendly native beds, and walking or exercise paths in an urban setting increases a homeowner’s square footage to entertain and live.

Additionally, finding unique plants which are attractive and personally motivating to people will help pull them outdoors to get more fresh air. Think “scented” gardens, rewilding an urban back garden with native plants, or planting specifically to attract local birds and mammals.

Oftentimes, a homeowner will feel threatened by building the garden, yet want to maintain the garden themselves. Having a landscaper come in to create a non-traditional landscape can be a great money-earner for professional teams and a great relief to homeowners. To advertise these options, create fliers and website descriptions and market to local customers to gauge interest. Build pandemic-time landscapes to help your customers and the community.

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