Landscaping for Privacy and Noise Reduction

We can’t all have a neighbor like Mr. Rogers. There is a reason good fences make good neighbors. While this is true, good fences don’t often make for the best-looking yards. You can have a beautiful looking outdoor space if you landscape for privacy and peace and quiet.

Whether you’re trying to get some space from Nosey Nancy next door, block the roar of that busy road, or pretend you’re on vacation right in your own yard, strategic landscaping is your best bet.

Evergreens for Every Situation

Available in all shapes and sizes, evergreens are ideal for creating a sound barrier and visual privacy. It’s important to know which varieties will thrive in your Hardiness Zone. From there, it’s pretty much as simple as planting a row of hedges or trees.

Including varying sizes will add visual interest and allow you to establish the density you’re looking for. Evergreens are especially useful in northern regions, providing year-round color, privacy, and noise reduction. You can also train and shape those shrubs into a topiary garden.

Native Plants for a Natural Impact

For an eco-friendly and lower maintenance option, focus on flowers, shrubs, and trees native to your location. Native plants will thrive in your weather, moisture, and soil conditions and need little water or care. They also help control soil erosion.

Choosing indigenous species will allow you more time to enjoy the quiet privacy of your yard instead of working in it. As a bonus, you will also be welcoming wildlife to the area and supporting local ecology. You can create your own privacy while offering safe harbor to those around you.

Living Walls for Boundaries

Walls and fences really are the best way to create serious privacy and cut down on noise. However, you don’t have to settle for a boring wood plank barrier. Starting with a trellis or lattice screen will turn a dull barrier into a living work of art. Consider colorful creepers such as clematis or jasmine vines.

If you’re serious about total privacy, consider installing a trellis against a traditional fence or planting voluminous flowers such as hydrangeas along the fence line. Hanging baskets and planters will also add life and interest to your fence - just be sure to consider the heft of the baskets and strength of the fence.

Ornamentals for Decoration

Ornamental grasses can grow tall and quickly - making them a lovely and quick fix to any privacy issue. In warmer climates, plants such as bamboo and Egyptian papyrus grow tall and fast. Feather reed grass, purple fountain, and blue oat are rapid growers in the north.

There are countless ornamentals to choose from, so you can pick something that suits your visual taste as well as your budget. They cut down intrusive noise and add texture, depth, and color to your landscaping.

Structures for Daily Living

Building an outdoor living area is a trending choice for a truly personalized space that is as private and quiet as you want. The possibilities are limitless: Build a gazebo, hang a canopy over a patio, place curtains along a deck, or even carve out a sunken living space among the greenery.

With endless options, reimagining your space can be daunting. Before delving into any project, it’s best to visualize it and plan the details. See what fits your space and your lifestyle.

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Tara Hickock is an interior designer who also designs and decorates outdoor living spaces. Her designs focus on bringing the outdoors inside to give homes a natural touch. She recently remodeled her own home and created a screened-in sunroom for her guests to enjoy the outdoors, even in winter.