Landscaping Trends of 2019

It’s 2019, which means new homeowners are on the rise each and everyday. No longer are the Baby Boomers and Gen X leading the landscaping trends of green grass brings class; it’s much more than that now. Millennials and Gen Z are transforming the world of home-owning and landscape with some fresh new looks that we can’t wait to share with you!

Dual Functionality

A two-in-one landscape brings the stressful choice-making to an end. With a bit of creativity and cleverness, you can double a garden on a trellis for a private fence; you can double a retaining wall for seating; you can double a party-pleaser fire pit for property value. Especially for limited spacing, multi-function proves to be the perfect solution for that dream yard of yours!

Environmental Efficiency

With a bigger interest towards a healthy lifestyle, more and more people are pushing for ways to up their eating habits as well as environmental contributions. Things like organic gardening and composting are becoming more popular as more awareness is brought to where certain foods came from or how much of a carbon footprint is being left. Automatic sprinklers or light fixtures can also be a huge energy and water saver so nothing is accidentally left on. 


It’s important to get your alone time and find that space for you to kick back and relax, especially after a long day at work or a night out with some friends. And there’s nothing wrong with doing that in your own backyard! There are many ways to create a mini vacation in your own backyard, like investing in comfortable outdoor furniture you can relax on under a beautiful pergola or planting a garden with an arbor fence entrance that gives you paradise vibes. Whatever it may be, do yourself a favor and create the perfect staycation!


Constant innovation and development means new ways of everyday living. And that includes lawn maintenance too. From an automatic irrigation system to outdoor light sensors to robotic lawn mowers to temperature levels in a pool, almost every task can be controlled from your phone! You can get in a little more relaxation and still feel satisfied as your checklist of outdoor chores are completed from the tip of your finger. 

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