Landscaping with The Color Purple

For centuries, the color purple has been associated with royalty. It is known to represent wealth, extravagance, and creativity. Purple in the landscape pulls the eye forward and represents a calming and cooling effect in the garden.

A purple-themed garden can be a lovely addition to a home landscape, particularly if the home is a red brick or brown colored home. Varying the single monochromatic color-scheme with a mix of light purple to dark purple flowering perennials and annuals can truly create a visual feast. Mixing shades means you are not just adding purple, but adding a full range of shades of purple. Great perennial selections for an all purple blooming garden include catmint, salvia, allium, lupine, iris, baptisia, and lavender. Climbers like purple-flowering clematis can bring the eye up and add even more depth of color.

Create a more serene purple garden by combining flowering purple plants with white or pink plants. White or pink hydrangea shrubs, foxglove, lupine, delphinium, hyssop, bergenia, dianthus, dicentra, and hibiscus work very well as a soft counterpart to balance purple and lilac colors in the garden.

Want to brighten the garden with a bit of contrast? Mix purple flowering plants with yellow, red, and orange flowering plants to create a bold statement theme. Yellow flowers include yarrow, tickseed, evening primrose, coneflower, and basket of gold flowers. Orange and red perennial flowering plants include daylily, salvia, blanket flower, torch lily, potentilla, and echinacea.


The garden design in the photos show the before and after image of a boring brown brick home when purple is mixed into the planting design. White hydrangeas and green trees and shrubs serve as the foundation to spotlight the glorious purple colored flowering plants mixed with a hot pink explosion. It adds interest and curb appeal to an otherwise drab home.

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