Meet Patrick: Founder of iScape

Patrick Pozzuto was just like you. He was trying to design a beautiful yard. After replanting a palm tree 5 different times, he thought "there has got to be a better way!"

Well, there was...and technology was the answer! Since that day, Patrick has dedicated his life to solving the problems of Landscapers and Garden Enthusiasts. No longer, do you have to waste time & money on inefficient landscaping. iScape allows you to visualize beautiful landscape designs quickly and easily on your own property or right on the job site! And now, iScape has been downloaded more than 2 million times and is actively used by over 100,000 professional Landscapers and Homeowners.

Before he launched iScape, Patrick Pozzuto wasn’t a developer, a coder, or even a tech guy. He was a landscaper. But he knew an opportunity when he saw it.

“When I was a landscape contractor, homeowners often struggled to put into words what they wanted their yards to look like,” Pozzuto says. “And as much as we as professionals would try to help them picture what we could do, there’s nothing quite like actually seeing something.”

His solution was iScape, an app that lets you design your outdoor living space—front yard, backyard, patio, and more—in augmented reality (AR).

With iScape, place shrubs, turf, fountains, decking, and more around your outdoor space to get a sense of how they’ll look without ever breaking ground. The screen of your iPhone or iPad becomes a window onto your spiffed-up lawn. According to Pozzuto, the app has been used to design more than 5 million outdoor spaces.

“We’ve had tons of homeowners tell us how the app saved them time and money,” he says. “What’s been surprising is how much landscaping pros have loved it too.”

iScape features thousands of AR elements. Trying to decide between grass or gravel? Marigolds or begonias? Concrete or pavers? Open iScape to see each virtual option in your real yard.

To add an element, tap the plus sign in the lower right corner. Search for something specific, like a young palm tree, or brainstorm by browsing the app’s many menus.

You can invite family members or landscape pros to design with you by tapping the collaboration button, which looks like the outline of a person’s head and shoulders.

When you’re happy with your design, save your project by planting a virtual flag. The next time you log in, pick up right where you left off.

iScape is free for homeowners; contractors, designers, architects, landscapers, and other professionals can subscribe to a set of features bundled as iScape Pro, which helps them turn AR designs into priced-out proposals in real time.

“We have some big ideas on where to go next,” Pozzuto says, “but the most exciting part is that we’re creating a visual language that lets pros and homeowners communicate on the same level. And none of this would be possible without AR letting us build a virtual world right in your yard.”

Not an iScape user? Download iScape now and transform your outdoor living space!