New Plants & Products Featuring Hydrangea Ruby Slippers, Lily Kaffir & More!

We Added Several New Products!

Check out some examples of the new products and plants added on iScape. Please let us know what other plants and products you would like to see added below.

Fuchsia Tree

Grass Zebra

Hebe Boughton Dome

Hesperaloe Giant

Hydrangea Ruby Slippers

Impatiens New Guinea Variegated

Indigo Carolina Wild

Indigo Japanese

Lily Calla

Lily Kaffir Planted

Lobelia Edging

Onion Altai

Palm Jade Empress

Pelargonium Cat’s Tail

Petunia Magenta and White

Petunia Violet

Pincushion Mexican

Pincushion Powder Puff

Pine Daintree

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