Perk Up with Pergolas

The allure of a backyard pergola is real. When you see one, you naturally want to sit beneath it, have a cool drink in hand, and enjoy the vacation-to-paradise vibes it gives off. So why not add one to your own backyard this summer and enjoy a taste of paradise?

Pergolas are a great way to define space for outdoor living! They are freestanding structures that create definition in your yard, with vertical posts and horizontal beams that ultimately serve a great purpose for seating and dining, privacy, an outdoor kitchen, clusters of plants in containers, or as a buffer between your house and other outdoor spaces. They can also provide relief from full sun while still allowing for good air circulation. Build it yourself, create privacy, or entertain like never before!

Project Pergola

Pergolas can be a relatively easy, inexpensive DIY project for homeowners. They have the ability to add value and/or change the look of your home and property. You can choose to custom build them or use a kit, and incorporate a wide range of materials (for example, cedar, vinyl, metal or pressure treated wood) and looks.

Pergola for Privacy

Creating a private space in your backyard with these can prove to be the ultimate getaway from neighbors or your own house. Hang sheer curtains, grow vines, add potted trees or screens to add privacy easily. And an added bonus, you’ll get extra relief from the sun!

Pergola Party

Pergolas create a perfect space for outdoor entertaining. Build one over a patio dining table and enjoy your meals al fresco. Add a pergola over an outdoor lounge set and have your morning coffee or after dinner wine outdoors. Use outdoor lighting, fragrant plants, outdoor fans or heaters to add appeal to your outdoor entertainment. Talk about aesthetically pleasing too!

There are few better ways to add value to your home, relatively inexpensively, than adding a pergola to your backyard. This weekend project is a DIY wonder that you can begin enjoying right away.

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