Plant Spotlight: Autumn Crocus

Are you a homeowner or landscaper working on an outdoor space? Are you interested to see what iScape’s image database has to offer you? During the fall season, there might not be much to work with when it comes to planting anything in your yard. But in iScape’s image database, you can explore through many different features and plants that will let you know just what type of season to plant them in along with other useful information about the plant.

Here’s Autumn Crocus (Colchicum autumnale ‘Pleniflorum’), found in iScape’s image database:

From iScape's Image Database
From iScape's Image Database

Plant Autumn Crocus in late summer and you will be treated to little, lilac, crocus-like blooms later in the autumn. Plant some in your flower bed and let it glow in the sunlight. The green leaves grow first to let you know that the show is about to start! When the grassy foliage comes up in spring, let it die back on its own. A very easy late season treat!

Sunlight: Full Sun

Plant Type: Bulbs, Perennial

Plant Height: 30cm

Plant Width: 7cm

Bloom: Lilac flowers in September/October

Landscape Uses: Naturalized spaces, rock gardens, cottage gardens

Special Features: Prefers average, well-drained soil

Zones: 4-9

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